Enjoy porn pics or watch faces of stupid show?

While ‘Netflix and Chill’ is seamlessly integrating into most people’s everyday vocabulary, denoting a shift towards a general tendency to associate the two elements of this suggestive euphemism, it used to be largely associated with an activity one performed solo. And while you are at it yourself, wondering whether you should binge on a popular culture produce that is the odd comedy show, we examine 4 reasons why enjoying porn pics instead is actually better for you!

1.It is Better for Your Brain
This one may be a little controversial but a recent study performed by Cambridge researchers demonstrated a direct correlation between hours spent watching TV and brain performance and while watching too much television is a bad habit we all know too well, enjoying porn pictures can lead to decline in intelligence and a shrinkage of the part of the brain responsible for reward response.

2.It Aids Visual Processing
To feed off the previous point, looking at porn pics actually boosts the ability of your brain to process nude images more efficiently, which happens to also be tied to mating. As it turns out, our brains’ response to nude pics is stronger and not only boosts signals for identifying real-life potential partners but hones people’s skills and character.

3.Train the Brain
The brain is your Biggest Sexual Organ and that is undoubtedly something worthy of a note. Enjoying nude pics actually makes our brains work harder than mind-numbing comedy shows as stills will further stimulate the imagination to contextualize the imagery in our perception. Research has shown that doing this also betters us as partners in general and promotes healthier attitudes towards the opposite gender. Dr. Ethel Person, a professor at Columbia University has states that fantasies are good for us and aid the understanding of our relationships and ourselves. looking a
4.Relieve Stress
While comedy shows are most people’s go-to after a stressful day, zoning out in front of the TV after your long day may be deteriorating your mental and physical wellbeing.

On the contrary, looking at porn pics releases more dopamine in your brain to counter-act the cortisol levels that occur during stress and which negatively affect your ability to think clearly and be a more efficient problem-solver. A study also presented evidence to support this by suggesting that the subjects who flipped through nude photos cut their cortisol in half and showed results, 50% better in the final performance test than those who did not look at the photos. Researches concluded that looking at these pictures reduced the stress response in the brain.
So relax, enjoy some nude pictures and save the comedy for another time!